Columbia School District and Columbia for Kids Bond Committee wish to thank all citizens of our district who voted in favor of our two proposals. Thank you for Believing so that our children may Achieve.

We look forward to engaging with the community on the development of our facility plans. It’s time for the Golden Eagles to RESTORE the SOAR!


This video helps explain the current state of our schools shares the details of the upcoming bond proposal to be voted on in November.

Columbia 2013 Bond Vote

The district’s facilities are nearing 60 years old and are in need of repair!

  • Our technology, equipment, & infrastructure cannot provide the 21st Century job skills that our children need to compete in today’s work force.
  • Our heating systems are not energy-efficient, which takes money away from our children’s education.
  • All Columbia students deserve educational facilities that are…

Safe, Warm, Dry, & Smart!



Click for a link to our Informational Brochure

Proposal 1: $26.5 M / 2.15 Mill

  • Raises $26.5M for projects at All Schools with a 2.15-mill bond issue
  • Improves SAFETY of district facilities & Enhances STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT with technology & classroom upgrades
  • Upgrades systems for OPERATIONS & improves ENERGY SAVINGS
  • Protects Community’s investment in CSD’s INFRASTRUCTURE

Proposal 2: $4.05 M / 0.45 Mill

  • Additional 0.45 mill raises $4.05M for High School/Middle School                   renovation & expansion

SAFE – 46% of Prop 1

  • A safe and secure learning environment for students, staff, & community

  • Items to be updated to current code requirements

  • Includes:

Secure entries at each building
Doors that will properly lock & do not need to be chained shut
Drop off & pickup traffic patterns that separate parent & bus traffic to create a safe student drop off
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Improvements
Security Cameras

WARM – 29% of Prop 1

  • Create Operational Cost efficiencies so more money can be spent on educational needs

  • Items that will convert operational dollar savings into educational dollars

  • Includes:

Replace 1950’s boilers with new energy-efficient heating systems
Add insulation value with new roofs
Install new windows & doors with energy-efficient glass & insulation

DRY – 14% of Prop 1

  • Facilities that are easy to maintain, reflect a positive image, & enhance community spirit

  • Facilities that attract students, parents, staff, and community members so the district can grow

  • Includes:

Replace leaking 40+ year old roofs with highly insulated roofing systems
Replace original leaking piping systems.
Install heating systems without water in the duct work (Alternative High School)

SMART – 11% of Prop 1

  • A strong educational technology infrastructure that supports current technology needs & allows for future technology growth

  • Includes:

Expand wireless technology infrastructure
Add classroom computers for students and staff
Provide 21st Century Job Skill Development tools




 Heating – $4.6M

  • Replace 50+-year-old boilers & heating systems with new high efficiency units
  • Install new classroom heating units
  • Install new energy management systems

Roofing – $2.95M

  • Remove existing roof membrane & insulation and repair damaged roof decking
  • Install new roof insulation and membrane
  • Install new roof edge and fascia

Fire-Rated Corridors and ADA – $2.3M

  • Replace classroom doors and frames with new fire-rated doors & frames with ADA door hardware
  • Add new student lockers
  • Demolish existing toilet room finishes; enlarge space to provide barrier-free accommodations
  • Install new plumbing fixtures, new wall and floor finishes, & new toilet partitions and accessories

Secure Entries – $1.1M

  • Create secure vestibules for main building entries
  • Remodel building office areas to enable the monitoring of building visitors

Replace Doors and Windows – $1.0M

  • Remove and replace exterior doors and windows with new energy-efficient systems.




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